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Quality backlinks 3 infallible techniques to get Quality backlinks

As you know and I have commented several times throughout my articles on Link Building, the generation of Backlinks or Link Building strategies are very important and one of the essential pieces when positioning our web projects at the top of Google .

Also, it should be noted that with the latest changes in the algorithm of Google, things regarding our Link Building strategy has changed and now the big search engine is much more focused on Quality than on quantity. That is why thousands and thousands of websites, blogs, online projects, etc. they have fallen precipitously in the Serps of Google and now they work hard to try to fix those links of low quality that once worked to them like a charm.

Quality backlinks
Quality backlinks

Here I will explain 3 Link Building techniques or strategies that will generate quality links and we will be safe, both from current Google penalties, as well as from future ones.

1. Broken links to get quality backlinks:

The technique of finding broken backlinks is a technique that works quite well, although it also depends on the Webmaster or owner of the Blog that we find.

This technique consists of searching blogs or websites of the same theme as our online project, which have authority, with many followers in RRSS and that is not penalized by Google.

 Broken links to get quality backlinks
Broken links to get quality backlinks

Once we have made the search of these Blogs, we must detect if there are broken backlinks in them. Having broken backlinks in a blog or website is a detriment to our SEO strategy and therefore the owner of said blog will appreciate that we tell you which backlinks are broken.

Once we have detected a broken link, we will only have to contact the owner of the blog and send him an email telling him that you are a faithful follower of his Blog, that you love his articles, etc. but you've noticed that it has a broken link. Likewise, you must also comment that if this link changes it and points it towards your Web / Blog since your Site is of high quality and has interesting articles of the same theme that would be beneficial for its readers.

But... Find broken backlinks on a Web is a long and boring task. How can we find broken backlinks in a web automatically?

Here I leave a tool called Check My backlinks that works like a charm and that will do that job for you in just a few seconds.

2. Guest Posting (Guest Article) and quality backlinks

Guest Article with quality backlinks
Guest Article with quality backlinks

A technique that currently and due to the latest penalties of Google is very fashionable. There are Blogs where we can write quality articles in exchange for one or two links to our Web projects. The blogger in question gains Quality content that he does not generate and you win 1 or 2 quality links in exchange for a while of your time in writing said post or article.

Here I leave 3 Blogs of quality and high authority related to this "world" of Online Marketing that allow Guest Posting:

You can get in touch with them and depending on the content you offer (always high quality, since they are very successful blog and great content), you can write an article in exchange for 1 or 2 links.

3. Offer Help to get backlinks

Guest Article with quality backlinks
Guest Article with quality backlinks

I have left this technique to the end, because I consider it the best and the one that offers the best results. This technique consists of analyzing Blogs or Webs of high authority where we want to put a backlink or link to our web and see if it has any lack that we can solve.

If so, we simply get in touch with the blogger in question and we tell you that you are a follower of your blog and you have realized that there is one thing (or several) that can be improved and you can help to get quality backlinks.

To give you an example: Something very basic and that many websites in the sector have not yet implemented is that the "face" of the blogger appears in the results of Google. This is something very easy to explain and that people love to have (who does not like their face to appear in Google results?).

What we should do is contact the owner of the website or blog and explain that many blogs like yours have the face of the owners in the Serps of Google and that theirs to get quality backlinks No, below you explain how it is done and He will be very happy. A few days later you mention that you already see in the results of Google your "little face" and that you are very happy that your help has been useful. In this same mail you tell him that you would be very happy to have a link from your website to yours.

Map for quality backlinks
Map for quality backlinks

Normally the owner of the Web or Blog will not put problems and will put the link to you.

Of the many techniques that are at the time of quality link building, these are the 3 that are currently working best.